Microsoft Sentinel Analytic Rules
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Microsoft Sentinel Analytics Rules

This website is a (sort of) beautified catalog of the official Microsoft Sentinel GitHub repository.

Because the offical GitHub offers no good option to search for interesting Analytics Rules by technique, tactic or data connector, I created this site to make it easier to browse the vast number of analytics rules.

It is build automatically on a regular schedule and offers a way to search for Analytics Rules using different categories and tags.

All content is published in accordance with the original MIT license of the repository.

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All data is based on the metadata provided in the repository. If you want something added to a category or changed, head over there and create a pull request.


Analytics Rules1574
Data Connectors192

Release notes

VersionLast updatedRelease comment
0.42023-02-02Switched to SentinelARConverter for ARM conversion
0.32022-12-11ARM template code and “Deploy to Azure” button
0.22022-12-05Added link to the original repo file
0.12022-11-18Initial version

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